abstract doors

Abstract Doors is a photography series that trace colors, stains and lines over street doors that have been created by our everyday-life experiences. It seeks the possibility of tangible abstract art that are likely to have already been shaped around us as a compound of anonymous people’s labor and natural events.

Doors establish border relations that people unconsciously experience many times in a day. They are thresholds that separate one space from another, yet in the same time allow one to enter to the other, separated, imagined space. Apart from creating spatial-volumetric separation for thousands of years, doors also take on a task of drawing the psychological, political, linguistic and economic lines. One side of them looks at the house, whereas the other side to the street. They bear the stories of householders, as well asthose who have walked up the street. People’s anonymous interactions combine with rotting of doors over time. Doors collect every traces of paints, witness every narratives of landlords, but cannot resist the power of rust and decay. The result is paintings that have been jointly made by water, wind, sun, insects and all the lives that come into contact with. Although they resemble abstract paintings on canvas, they continue to be a part of real life. These doors can also be read as figurative works created by many figures and non-figures that have anonymously collaborated for decades.

All photographs that generate Abstract Doors are shot in the streets of Palermo. Contrary to the consumerist mentalities that do not allow anything to age and the cities created by their hands, Abstract Doors is a project that pays tribute to ancient cities like Palermo for their contribution of our thoughts and senses.

Abstract Doors, 25 Photographs (each has 5 + 1 editions), Dimensions Variable, 2018.