There – (2020)

Peasantism was one of the main ideological discourses of Republican elites in Turkey as of the 1930s. It has been highly promoted by intelligentsia, who had no organic ties with villages, to construct a classless and unified society. Poet and politician Ahmet Kutsi Tecer (1901 – 1967) was one of the most ardent adherents of peasantism and his poem “There is a Village Distant out There” can be seen as the climax of the peasantist literature. Yet, many villages become touristic spots in the course of time where people can have “organic” and “authentic” breakfast.

There, (2020), 1’57”, Video.


Lyrics: Ahmet Kutsi Tecer

Composition: Münir Ceylan

Performance: Münir Ceylan’s Children Choir

Editing: Annet Dekker